Wrestling, Rocking… And Leotards: Scots Wrestler Grado Comes To Midstock

Wrestling, Rocking… And Leotards: Scots Wrestler Grado Comes To Midstock

You might not think wrestling and festivals go together like, say, guitars and plectrums, but professional wrestler Grado is making his Midstock debut this September and you don’t want to miss this wrestling superstar’s stunning performance.

Having been a part-time wrestler (that’s a thing, right?) for many years, a Facebook video created by Grado to sell tickets for a local SWA show catapulted him into the spotlight. The 28-year-old Stevenston native, born Graeme Steveley, is now Scotland’s best-loved wrestler, actor and scantily-clad TV personality.

As his training and promotional videos went viral online, the Scots Wrestler was picked up by Mark Dallas of the world-famous Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW). His “Get Grado Booked” campaign, combined with a Vice documentary about the Scots wrestler, took Grado’s career to new heights.

Now, Grado continues to work with Insane Championship Wrestling, where he is a former ICW World Heavyweight Champion. If you haven’t been following Grado’s leotard-clad exploits in the ring, you might have spotted him on BBC documentary Insane Fight Club or sitcom Scot Squad as PC Hugh McKirdie. Or maybe you caught him at the Pavilion Theatre’s “Elfie’s Magical Adventure” in Glasgow - he’s a man of many talents, you know.

Even if you consider yourself a wrestling newbie, it’s Grado’s on-stage patter and physical comedy that have made him a huge (in every way) star. Always a fan of “larger-than-life” characters, Grado’s even got his own catchphrase now: As he walks on stage to ”Like A Prayer”, the audience happily scream “It’s yer-sel! It’s yer-sel!” and, post-fight, fans swarm the Scot for - you guessed it - yerselfies.

And despite his newfound stardom, Grado remains his wise-cracking, humble self. On his upcoming fight against 20-stone pro wrestler Dave Mastiff, Grado admitted he’d been hitting the gym to work on his cardio, “Because I’ll need to be able to run away from him!”

So be sure to bring your smartphone for your very own yerselfie (and remember the chant!) and don’t miss Scotland’s very own cult wrestling hero Grado, coming to Midstock in September 2017. Get your tickets before they’re gone!

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