Three Steps To Festival Heaven: Teddy Boy Rockers Showaddywaddy At Midstock

Three Steps To Festival Heaven: Teddy Boy Rockers Showaddywaddy At Midstock

Long considered Europe’s most successful retro-inspired rock ‘n’ roll band, Showaddywaddy are bringing their incredible live performance, jam-packed full of Top 40 hits, to Midstock Festival!

They’ve been on Top of the Pops a whopping 50 times, sold millions of albums and even delighted the Queen Mum at the Royal Variety (where she specifically requested to meet the band backstage, dontcha know), but now these old school rockers are bringing their unique sound to Dalkeith Country Park.

Showaddywaddy started out as a pop-rock group in Leicester performing revived and revamped covers of all their favourite 50s and 60s tunes, plus some original material, dressed as Teddy Boys.

On tour since 1973 (yes, really), the boys are showing no sign of slowing down with sell-out gigs booked for the whole of 2017. With more shows in different venues than any other artist in the country, it’s no wonder they’ve been declared the “hardest working band” for two years running…

And here’s a bonus fact: Did you know Showaddywaddy made history topping the bill at the Golden Orpheus World Music Festival? Performing before a jaw-dropping TV audience of 300 million (you read that right), they were the first western band ever to be screened live in communist Cuba. So tell your friends.

Last year, Showaddywaddy released their much-anticipated concept album and DVD, The Sun Album, to industry, public and critical acclaim. While they continue to win over new fans, you’ll be sure to hear plenty of the old classics at Midstock Festival, from “Under The Moon Of Love” to “You Got What It Takes”, “3 Steps To Heaven”, “Hey Rock & Roll” and many, many more.

So for older fans looking for a trip down memory lane, or younger viewers wondering if they could be budding Showaddywaddy fans, here’s a little something to take you back:

After 4 decades in the music biz, these rockers are not to be missed. Their energy, enthusiasm and guitar-clashing anthems are sure to have you dancing and if they can keep bopping for 40 years, we reckon you can boogie through their whole set. Don’t forget to order your tickets today!

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