And The Rest Is History: Hot Dub Time Machine Comes To MidStock Festival

And The Rest Is History: Hot Dub Time Machine Comes To MidStock Festival

The BEST. PARTY. EVER. is coming to MidStock Festival 2017!

Since its debut in 2011 in Sydney, Australia, the decade-spanning, head-spinning dance party that is Hot Dub Time Machine has taken the world by storm. From rooftops to theatres to festivals, creator DJ Tom Loud has filled dancefloors around the world with people, music and a little bit of history - and now it’s coming to MidStock Festival!

So what’s all the fuss about?

Hot Dub Time Machine is the “World’s First Time Travelling Dance Party”. DJ Tom plays, in chronological order, a song from every year between 1954 and 2017, taking the audience’s ears on a whirlwind tour of the last 6 decades, with enormous visuals teaching you the dance moves you need to know, all scratched live from vinyl turntables. You’ve never seen anything like this before (er, unless you caught DJ Tom at the Edinburgh Fringe).

The Hot Dub experience pioneers the use of “boogie energy” (yes, that’s a thing) to power a party through popular music history. From “Rock Around The Clock” to Skrillex, from “99 Problems” to “99 Red Balloons”, it’s a treat for music lovers of all ages and - understandably - has been dubbed the “Best. Party. Ever”.

Ex-TV-sound-designer-turned-DJ Tom Loud came up with the idea for Hot Dub Time Machine when his reluctance to play just one genre of music baffled venue managers and failed to win him any gigs.
Tom wanted to hear the Beatles and Beyonce in the same night so he decided to create a DJ set that would blend the best music of all time.

After three months in a dark room patching together a time-travelling, genre-defying, audio-visual party, Tom booked a slot at the Sydney Fringe Festival - and never looked back. As one reviewer put it: “We didn’t know whether to sing along, laugh our socks off, or dance like maniacs.” After watching the video below, we reckon you’ll understand why...

If you haven’t already had everyone and anyone telling you that you “really, really, really need to see this”, now it’s our turn. You do not want to miss this magic nostalgic party, so be sure to and get ready to dance your way through 60 years of every song you’ve ever known (and plenty you don’t).

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