Eugene Twist

Eugene Twist returns with his highly-anticipated second album ’The Stuntman’. After the phenomenal reception of his debut ’The Boy Who Had Everything’, this new record arrives on the back of one mission: to let the storyteller run riot inside the song. With a lyrical arena that boasts whistleblowers, extraterrestrials and self-consuming psychonauts, this is not the work of your everyday songwriter.

As a multi-instrumentalist with a keen ear for production, Eugene took time to build a makeshift studio and learn how to record. Setting up camp in an old furniture warehouse (and practically living there), large drum chambers and acoustic screens were fashioned from junk and jetsam of the nearby River Clyde. With space to experiment on new arrangements, an ambitious collection of songs began. From spat-out surrealism to politicised anthems and mystical ballads, ‘The Stuntman’ is the latest from the unbounded imagination of Scotland’s Eugene Twist.

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Eugene Twist

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